Donald Cox-52

Name: Donald Cox
Age at time of Dissection: 52
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 12 October 2013
Tell Us Your Story:

I woke about 5am the pain was incredible. I believed I was having a heart attack. I took several low dose aspirin and tried to drive to the hospital, which was about 25 minutes away. I made it a mile, saw a State Patrolman at the gas station, by this time I was cramping and losing control of my legs. he called for an ambulance, within minutes several police vehicles were there and they were trying to keep me calm, which was working fairly well.

The ambulance arrived and I was quickly loaded and the EMA tech started an EKG. Within minutes he told me that it was not a heart attack. But my blood pressure was 297/189 so i was given nitro glycerin. He told me he thought it was an acute gall bladder attack, this calmed me down much more. I was taken to RMC medical Center in Anniston AL, In the emergency room the nurse also said she thought it was a gallbladder attack. But the pain was coming back bad and I was given a shot of Daluded in my IV. within a few minutes.

I was taken for a CAT Scan. When the results were read I was put on a Life Flight Helicopter and flown to UAB hospital in Birmingham AL. I remember being rolled toward the door there and not much after that. I was in CICU for a few days. On Wednesday I was put in another room I remember things after this. I stayed there until Friday and was released. My Doctor was James Daves, he saved my life and whatever time I have left on this earth I owe to him and the staff at UAB. I was horribly over weight, smoked and am a 4th year student at Jacksonville State University.

I have not smoked another cigarette, I have lost 30+ pounds so far. Right now I am scared that I do not have a future. I go back to Dr. Daves in January for another CAT Scan, it will tell a lot about my future.


Brad Padgett-50


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  1. Don, Mine was on Feb 23,014, I to quit smoking and some weight! I found in these story we all are scared, I found one guy been living with his for 20yrs and still is scared! When ever I’m giving the chance to, I tell people about there blood pressure, get it check often, take the meds, what else can we do but live the life we now have! Keep on Trucking,, a part from a 747 might fall from the sky and kill you first! And Prayed Everyday1 Thanks to Brian for this site!

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