Norma Hernandez-58

Name: norma hernandez
Age at time of Dissection: 58
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 2 March 2013
Tell Us Your Story:

I have an aortic aneurysm but my doctors will not operate. I have to see the surgeon in August and he said if my aneurysm is bigger than he’ll operate.

Can someone tell me why my doctors are reluctant to operate? I feel like a walking time bomb.


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  1. I may be just the guy to talk to Norma. I had a descending from above by heart to where the Arota joints to go down my legs 22 inches long I’m told. 9 years ago it was a 4.5 or a 5 in all that time it has not gotten larger.i had the scans ever 6 months to start and then once a year. I’m 74 now.

    I don’t know your story but I do knowin my case they don’t operate unless your a 5 somthing. I see you just had yours so only natural to want to let’s get me fixed. Get in the depression meds and get that BP down. TRY TRY not to let it dominate your life. Get thru a morning a day a dinner with out telling your story. When asked now I tell folks I’m just coming into my prime.

    Nowi have other major health issues since the Disection. But that has nothing to do with the Disection. Or not having the surgery. Good luck.

  2. Me Too .And I am being Closely Monitored by cardiac team.Get the plan let me know.Presently I am on reduced medication ,to keep my b.p. stable .Everything seems better following double by-pass surgery and implantation of Dr.Dabacky valves and stents to repair blocked femoral 2012.Now what do I expect next?

  3. Good luck Germaine I would not be able to comment on your condition. But I do know that lots of folks live long lives after Disection. AS I WAS SO WISELY TOLD A DISECTION IS NOT A DEATH SENTENCE.

  4. Janice Carter

    it is now 4 years since I,ve had my ascending aorta op,still abit bewildered by it all,but am keeping well. Good luck all.

  5. i have a 9″ descending dissection and a 4.1″ ascending aneurysm; i’m thankful there’s no surgery! i think most descending dissections are treated medically to lower b/p, and not surgically

  6. Like Paul O, said, can’t get past not to talk about this! Mine was Feb 23,014, 2 weeks in icu, one more week in the hospital, a couple weeks at home, back to work part time for a couple more weeks, and now full timer again for past month. I’m so happy I didn’t have to go under the knife, still being watch, having doctor appointment is the new life and a mri in Sept, so far so good! I’m so happy to have found this site! Thank you Brian

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