New T-Shirts to creat aortic awareness

I am heading to the printer to have them do up 75 or so shirts for me to help get the word out. These shirts turned out great and will be a great way to help spark interest!

logo_trajanI will be adding a link to purchase the shirts very soon. I will have small, medium, large, and extra large for sizes.  The shirts will also help support this website and hopefully help reach millions more people to be alert about aortic dissections and what to look for if you are in the ER and feel it might be worth asking for a second opinion if you don’t feel you are getting proper responses. We HAVE to be on the offense here!

Kind Regards,

Brian Tinsley



Cheryl Dahr-52


Family volunteers to remember son


  1. Lisa L.

    Thank you Brian!!!!

  2. carmen david

    How can I order a bunch of these tshirts Brian? Do you still have some or can you have them made? please email me at and let me know. Thanks.

  3. Mark D Satterfield

    I bought one of these t shirts a few years back. Would buy another one Brian if you have different colors like Blue.

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