Cheryl Dahr-52

Name: Cheryl Dahr
Age at time of Dissection: 52
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 22 November 2012
Tell Us Your Story:

The week before Thanksgiving had been very hectic at work, I had been tired and felt like I had strained my upper back. On Thanksgiving Day I worked to prepare our meal for friends coming for both lunch & dinner. The pain in my upper back continued to worsen, but I made it through the lunch. My friend was over and had neck pain, so he was laid out on the couch. My back was so bad I could not get comfortable in any position. About 45 before my expected supper crowd was to come I couldn’t take it anymore and went to the ER.

I was thinking it may be a gall bladder attack. After doing a gall bladder ultrasound, they said it was normal, but were sending me in for a CT. I noticed during the CT the tech seemed fixated on a certain spot. The doctor came in and informed me they found a Type B dissection, and were admitting me. They kept me for 3 days trying to get my BP lowered down. They sent me home with labetalol, HCTZ, lisinopril, and recently added clonidine to be used as needed if BP goes over 140.

I’ve felt so bad this past month, tired, sometimes dizzy,sort of queasy, lots of residual pain(for which I’m still taking percocet for). How long does the initial pain usually last? I’m not getting a clear answer from my doctors. I’ve been out of work as well, I’m a material handler/logistics manager/CNA. Any idea on what I should expect in regards to work and physical activity limits for the future? Thank you for this site! I’ve learned a lot


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  1. Paul Oberle sr

    I’m not going to be much help. But my story is on this site so go to that and this is my update. My DAD has not gotten larger in 8 years. I take a lot of med for BP and other problems. I have never h ad any kind of surgery to repair. I am pretty much able to do what ever I want I’m 73 now and still scuba dive.hike and walk. Your case is hard to figure. SEND YOUR SCANS TO LANG. Ask Brian how to do that. After viewing mine. He called me one night and sad a DAD is not necessarily a death sentence. He gave me a lot of hope.your gonna get depressed and your in for some processing thr all this. But life can be good again. And you can be happy again. I happen to have two cancers and just keep on trucking. Good luck.

  2. Cheryl Dahr

    Thank you Paul.

  3. Have developed a seroma incisional site where stent put in femoral artery,how can I prevent breakdown of the skin around incision.changing dressingsabout every 2 hours Had my surgery Nov 20th 2012 hopitalized for 15 days sent home with dressings impossible to keep dry .had an ultra sound and revealed fistula 4×3.5cms.Please have Dr.advise Brian .Aorta /type Bdescernding being treated by well managed b.p.control

  4. Paul Oberle sr

    Dear Germaine: I can’t be much help except to hope with you
    that things get better for you. As I was reading your story. I thought I would at least respond with my best wishes and hope you get answers and help soon.

  5. I’m with Paul, My prayers are with you!

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