Name: sharyl marcella
Age at time of Dissection: 50
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 7 December 2009
Tell Us Your Story:

Iwas sitting at home about 9;30 pm and suddenly felt a pop in my chest not sure what had happened I decided to just lay still for awhile until i starting losing the feeling on my left side so my husband insisted on going to the hospital. We live in a very small town so the hospital we went to was not prepared for me nor did they know what was wrong I was there from 10:30pm until finally they put me in an ambulance at 4:30 am and sent me to Hamilton General hospital about an hour away when we arrived they did a cat scan and immediately told me i need open heart surgery now or I was going to die and my chances of surviving on the operating table were very slim also.

I had an extensive Type a Dissection. It was repaired and I survived. Well being watched for the next few months I had developed aneurysms so on Oct., 13/10 I was brought back into the general hospital for a hybrid open endovascular repair archand thoracoabdomanl aortic aneurysm with a great vessel transposition cardiopolomanary bypass. I had ongoing dilation of my descending thoracic and visceral aorta.. I had persisting flow into my false lumen. Well I survived one more with not sever complications. I was led\ft with severe nerve damage from my waist down and my left eye droopy but survived which I only had a 5% chance.

Then on Oct.,13/11 I once again was admitted have a endovascualr repair, thoracic aneurysm right ilifemoral repair with interposition graft and once again I have recovered and not paralyzed! I am very thank full to be here I have escaped death 3x. Since all 3 surgeries I still have been left with some issues but am grateful to my doctors and our heavenly lord! There has been a lot of sadness and questions like why and anger which I am trying to get past.

I have to be monitored at all times and hoping and praying that as my last surgery it will be 1yr on Oct.,13/12 since the last surgery and I have another cat scan coming up so i hope and pray that was the last and I can continue to heal physically and mentally.

Thank you for hearing my story