Anthony Huskey-38

Name: Anthony Huskey
Age at time of Dissection: 38
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 23 June 1994
Tell Us Your Story:

While at work, after drinking a cup coffee, felt like a red hot sword ran through my body,went to first aid, body systems dumping, anxiety-shock hit, ambulance ride, MISSED Diagnosis, next day Echo tech finds problem,emergency surgery,10% chance to live,seasoned veteran here— 18yrs since mine—still work full time .

I am the exception to the rule-Meadox woven double V graph 30mm got a warranty card on it- if i can help anyone w/ this problem i will—-no pussass work here papermill in s.e. tx—and I got an artificial knee…..forget feelin’ sorry for yourself—shit happens—deal with it —-pick ur self up by your bootstraps n’ make it happen—1 day at a time


Amy Kionis-29


JIM STERNOWSKI-67 (told by friend)


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. This one led me to two quosniets. 1. You say, when referring to partial knee replacements The good news is that if and when this fails revision to a knee replacement can be a relatively straight forward operation what about when the total knee replacement gives way in 15 years assuming that’s a legit life span? Is the operation complex to replace a total replacement?2. Are you now using mostly mobile bearing knee replacements in your surgeries or mainly only using them in athletes and obese individuals? Why aren’t mobile bearing replacements used in all knee replacements? Aren’t they superior? Is it come down to cost or are there negatives to using mobile bearing in some individuals?Thanks,MikeRenton, WA

  2. Anthony Huskey

    On the mend here—got life flighted to Houston from Beaumont, Tx Oct. 20th—-ascending aorta replaced again—aortic valve–and aortic root—Coselli at St. Lukes…he is the man…in St. Lukes 18 days….this time hurt me in different ways than 18 years ago at 38…went with the pig valve…for what it cost,,,i want rest of hog for freezer…good luck…stay positive…aggressively attack recovery

  3. Anthony Huskey

    13 days after being in ICU i was in a deer stand 160 miles from hospital,,,my therapy,,didn’t shoot-as i knew i couldn’t deal w/ it—did take a buck the next week,,,2 months out now,,still get winded fairly easy—got the Medtronics-freestyle valve-and dacron ascending aorta….i’ve been in your shoes (this my 2nd time)—do the breathing exercises with that damn spirometer

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