Name: Amit Khanuja
Age at time of Dissection: 36
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 26 August 2011
Tell Us Your Story:

My life changed on and after 26th August 2011. And I think, it has changed for good.
I am Amit Khanuja aged 36 as on 26th Aug 11. I am a 6ft 4 inch tall with good build and weighed 106kgs while all this happened. I am an Indian and have tall family members, Father- 5 ft11inch, grand father 6fts+, paternal cousins- 6ft 1-3”. Never had any family history of heart disease or death due to a cardiac arrest. Height was a sign of proud, where average Indians are not so heighted, I was tall of the lot. By profession have been in Sales and I am a Sales Manager, working with a Telecom company in India. Married for 6 yrs at the age of 36 and have a 2 yrs young daughter.

I have been a smoker ( A pack a day) since last 14yrs and have been both (hereditary) hypertensive and diabetic for last 4yrs.

How did it start?
It was a normal day to work and was on field visit with a colleague of mine. Had skipped lunch and around 4pm opted of having a roasted corn. Had a smoke later and suddenly I felt suffocating. Threw the cigarette and within fractions of second started getting pain in chest. Asked my friend, to park the car aside and press hard on my chest, while I kneeled on his car. Despite doing so, no reduction in pain. An abnormal pain, which was under the ribs but I could sense, it is not in heart. An acute pain as if someone is fingering up my diaphragm and an excruciating pain to tolerate. I asked my friend to rush me to a doctor and all this happened in City Bhopal, MP, India. I was showing all signs of a cardiac arrest and was asked to cough vigorously till the next medical rescue. I was taken to an emergency ward of Bhopal Memorial Hospital. They immediately took my ECG and BP both were normal but pain did not subside.

I was screaming with pain and I got my first dose of pain killer injection. The pain did subside in some time and I was asked to take a chest X-RAY. While I was standing in front of the plate for the X-ray I was asked to press myself to the plate. I felt a sudden relief from the pain and hence repeated pressing myself in similar manner few more time. By this time I was feeling completely normal and left for home and so did the doctors allow me. Reached home around 9pm, after having my dinner the pain again started. Was again rushed to the nearest hospital, Peoples hospital and kept in ICU that night and the second pain killer was injected by 11pm. I dreaded the pain will arise again but was sure that since I am in an ICU under doctor’s supervision will be taken care immediately. Next day morning I was asked to take an CT Scan . The CT scan reflected some patches of blood on my lungs and hence was detected tuberculosis TB. I was immediately administered TB medicines. By this
time, it was already evening of my second day, and had already taken 4 heavy doses of pain killer injections.
TB medicines were heavy medicines and I was puking ever hour of medicine intake. It was regular for me now -medicine intake to painkiller injection which went on till next 3 days. By the end of 4 th day the pain had subsided and my bodies acceptance to this heavy antibiotic dosage of TB had increased.
I was suggested to take a second opinion and better consultation by my seniors to more qualified doctor and hospital, The Bombay hospital, Indore, MP, India. We reach this place in some couple of hours drive from Bhopal. I was asked to get hospitalized the same night in order to conduct some test. It was 1st Sept 11 almost midnight when I got hospitalized here. I kept on throwing up in every few hours. My BP by then was 180/100. Reasons detected- my TB medicines are heavy dosed, hence decompose the medicine from a compounded tablet to individual tablets of each component. This treatment kept on for another 3 days and yet there was no reduction in nausea or vomiting. My appetite kept on reducing day by day. I had sleep less nights and restless days. I kept complaining of sever head ace. My BP kept on rising up from the day I got hospitalized here and it went up to levels of 240/130. Having sever pain in head. As a gunny-pig there were several test conducted – Brain CT Scan, f
ull body scan , Cerebro spinal fluid test and what not. Yet none of the doctors here were either able to control my sky rocketing BP nor were able to put me at rest or sleep. I was also suspected to have kidney failures ( Serum cretin 8.4 levels) and was suppose to undergo dialysis. I was to undergo and CT angio but since my serum cretin was more than 8 ( normal mot more than 1.3) which was abnormally high, immediate reduction was treated. I was injected saline for next 6 days. I had been in ICU for more than 15 days now, at Bombay hospital and no one was able to give me a relief. There was one symptom which I acknowledged and raised it to my doctor. Soon after I ate (within 30 mins or so), I would get some abnormal pain in my abdomen, which would subside if I took a pain killer. Through this my Doc got some clue and was referred to a cardiologist. The cardiologist also could not afore hand detect any problem but with some study on internet could find that around 18 days b
ack i.e. 26th Aug 11, I had an TYPE B Aortic dissection.
Upon acknowledging the same he also mentioned that he no clue of any treatment and I was the first case of AI in this hospital of repute. Hence was asked to be immediately taken to either Chennai, Bangalore or Delhi ( Major metro towns) for further treatment. My family members dreaded that my conditions were so worst that if I could travel by air. (Other means were out of questions.) They dreaded with all IV’s and being in semi conscious state, will I be able to take a flight. Rather will the airlines allow me to fly in this condition. They were asked to camouflage my pain and appear to be normal, to travel to Delhi. I was given a cosmetic wash, a good shave and combed hair to make me look normal and make me fly from Indore to Delhi.
Meanwhile my case papers were already referred to the Medanta- Medicity hospital to Dr. Anil Bhan. Thankful to the doctor (Cardiologist) of Bombay Hospital, Indore who took no time to declare, that he was helpless and I should be immediately taken to some other doctors for further treatment. Had he hidden this fact, my case could have gone worst.

The 19th Day , I was flown to Delhi and in 2 hrs we landed. I was rushed to Medanta Gurgaon in No time and in emergency ward, I came across my GOD figure Dr Anil Bhan. He was there in hospital at 11pm on my arrival and rushed me to ICU. On his first look he said I show all signs of Marfan Syndrome. By the time I reached Delhi I was with sever headace and high BP of 240/130. My S Creatin ratings had dropped from 8.4 to 3.2 by this time. In next two days Creating came in normal limit and I was confirmed arota dissection. Dr Bhan here got my BP under control in 10 hrs of hospitalization but suggested a natural cure route, as I was already 19 day down when dissection occurred and body had adopted the natural route of cure by then. I was detected Type B AI with left side blood supply problem, especially in the lower left limb/ leg, having blockage.

I was in Medanta with 10 days of hospitalization improving day by day. One I got discharged got re-hospitalized with gastrointestinal complications and took its treatment for another 10 days in Medanta and 25 days at my In-laws home. When I was discharged from hospital I was so frail and weak that I complained giddiness every time and was barely able to walk for 15 steps.

By the time I recovered completely after 3 months I has lost 35kgs weight, a compromised kidney and had blockage in left lower limb. Again thanks to both the Dr’s in Medanta. Dr Bhan and Dr Parikh that I didn’t undergo any surgery and was advised medication and strict BP control for next 6 months.
My life has changed in this Six month. There is always an uncertainty of life or fear to have re-dissection. Though I joined my JOB but my profile has changed. From the main line have been shunted to off stream work.

Physically I have been a controlled BP and can walk for an hour n half now but with small breaks of 3-10 sec every 200/300 mtrs.

But yes this dissection has given me a real sense of life. Had been planning for Future until all this happened, when the next day is so uncertain. This incident has shown me real vales of family members and have shown real faces of true friends. I now try to enjoy each moment and day, as future is uncertain and crude planning will not help.

Thanks for passing by and sparing time to read. My purpose of adding this story on site was to leave my coordinates for other Indians, who may contact me, to help them directing to the right Doctors for Aortic dissection treatment.

I may be called at +91-9826470264 for any help.