Danny Plummer-55

Name: Danny Plummer
Email: danny.plummer@hotmail.com
Age at time of Dissection: 55
Type of Dissection: Ascending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 6 January 2011
Tell Us Your Story:

It was a beautiful sunny day In the mountains of Tumbler Ridge BC Canada when I finished hiking up a hill to look at the mountains from a different view when I let out a jubilant call to my friends who were just behind me, when I felt a slight chest pain. At that moment I thought it was just a injury that occurred when I let out that victory scream to my friends.

It was very uncomfortable, but thought it would go away. Our car was parked back at home, so I sent a friend back to go get it, while I walked to the hospital with our other friend. The hospital was a good mile walk and it was getting tougher each step I took but managed to get there before my friend arrived with the car. Now you have to understand we are in the mountains of BC and there is only a clinic, so I had to be transported by ambulance to Fort St John BC, where I was told if I did not get a operation I would die within the night. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and would and will not except blood and that was their hangup. The Doctor told me I was stupid and from that point on he washed his hands of my case.

They left me in the intensive unit to die that night. In the mean time friends called St.Paul’s Hospital in Vancouver BC and they excepted my condition and six hours later I was taken by Jet to St.Paul’s. The Doctors informed me there I had a Aortic dissection in around the arch of the Aorta and they assumed I would die within 24 hours, and they prepared my family for it.

Two months later I was discharged without an operation so that they could get my numbers up to operate. Two weeks later I was flown back to St.Paul’s as complications developed including kidney failure. Another month in the hospital to recover and to prepare me for surgery failed as the Head surgeon refused to operate as he said,” you will just die on the table”, so you should die at home.

I was discharged at the end of February and told to prepare myself for death. In July of 2011 a Doctor Modry in Edmonton Alberta Canada decided to take on my case, and in August he successfully operated on me and fixed my dissection and implanted a St.Jude’s mechanical value. I can’t believe I am alive, but I sure thank my friends,and my God Jehovah for the support and of course Doctor Modry for taking such a huge chance, a chance that saved my life.


  1. you wasted so many Dr’s time with your religous refusal to take blood for this
    you can’t have it both ways, but you did and wasted valuable medical resources in the meantime that could have been used to save the lives of others

  2. Thanks Joe! appreciate your comment

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