Ifound this drawing today searching around. It’s very good at showing all the various parts of the aorta. It’s Saturday and my wife is studying, my son’s playing X-box and I have been trying to do some studying myself. I am trying to get back into studying for my CCENT/CCNA exams. I got side-tracked and was working on my other website, www.briantinsley.com and I had spent quite a bit of time working on it. However, I am not sure that I really wanted to have another website about me, when this site, is truly my passion and it’s really about me and my life -living with an aorticdissection.

My daughter went to some Christian band concert in Seattle with her friends and I am hoping that they have a good time and make it back safely. She’s going to be taking her driver’s license test soon -she’s already passed the written. I have been playing tennis again and we won our first USTA league match last week. However, I am going to miss this next weeks match, it’s the talent show and my daughter is singing and playing the guitar. As well as, my parents are going to be coming over as well. Oh well, I’ll have to get a substitute for me. I think we’ll still have a strong team.

I signed up for the new Comcast home security monitoring and I cancelled my ADT today. Comcast is now getting into the home security business and I will be one of the first ones around here. It’s all wireless and I am going to have a camera inside the house so I can spy on my dog when I am at work! LOL!

Well, it’s getting to be dinner time and my goodness, my dog stinks…. I took her for a walk and let her get into the lake down the street and wooooooooooooosh… she’s sitting next to me and I think she smell like duck poop! 🙂