Ilove the fall season. I love the watch the leaves as they change to such bright and wonderful colors. It’s truly amazing! It’s been a rainy day here in Everett, WA and I played some doubles this morning. I played against the top high school player from Cascade on Friday and I was feeling it this morning. And, I am playing again Sunday at 0700am. As well as, Tue-Sunday this coming week!

I am watching the Oregon State vs. Stanford game now. I plan to switch over to the UFC fights on Fox at 6pm to see how things are going there. I made a few tweaks to the website today and I hope everyone likes it! I am scheduled for a physical exam on Friday as my doctor said I needed to get my rear-end in there as it has been a year since a physical exam for m. I am also going to need to get my echo going again real soon as well. I was scared when I was told last time that I would probably have to have my valve replaced sometime down the road.

I am hoping that my leak just stays the same and doesn’t get any worse. What a quick UFC match.. Upset! I can’t wait for Lesner fight to see if he’s just full of hot air again! Stanford looks like they are going down to the Ducks…

Have a great evening!
Brian 🙂