Ilove birds! I have a bird feeder outside my house and I could watch the birds all day come and visit the bird feeder for a quick bite to eat. Now the squirrels, well, they are OK too! It’s been a while since I actually posted anything about me and what I have been up to so I thought I would update everyone. We just got back from our family vacation with my parents and my brother and his family. We go over the mountains to Lake Chelan for 3 nights and 4 days. Thanks again Mom and Dad! I enjoyed seeing you and really like the morning coffee and toast!

I have been playing tennis and really trying to get my weight down. I played twice yesterday (singles) for a total of 3 hours! It’s amazing that I can still play tennis after my dissection and actually play better now at 48 that I did at 35! I feel that I am playing the best tennis of my life and that I can run with any 20 year old all day long out there. I sometimes will almost have an out of body experience in that I just stop and really think about what happened to me. Why did I survive? Why did the guy who went to the ER 40 days before me have to die? What is GOD’s plan in all this?

I have been trying to do a little fishing, I was unable to catch anything at Lake Chelan, but the dad with the 2 dollar pole and worms did! I had my fancy lure on there and didn’t even get a bite! So, I went down to the lake by our house and tried yesterday and no luck again. Well, on the way out, I saw this guy tucked away in the bushes fishing and he’d just caught 2 bass and I got some tips and then went to Wal-Mart to get the right bait and hooks/weight set up and I am ready. I had my neighbor come over and show me the right way to tie the hooks too! So, I am ready to go try again. And…. that’s the message about life… getting up and trying it again… Just like in tennis, you play the match, you might win or loose, but… either way, you come back for the next match, the next day, the next day living with an aortic dissection. It’s all how you view your situation. It’s easy in tennis to get caught up in the set score and realize you are down a set and that you have to win the second set to stay in the match and hope to still win. But… if you look at it that way, it becomes easy to get distracted. However, if you break it down into just one point at a time, it’s an easier pill to swallow and for that brief moment, you are in the game trying your best to win that point.

I am excited about my new T-shirts and I hope to have my other design (for family members) done very soon. I have my shirts now for survivors (personal) done and they are very nice looking shirts. Well, it’s a beautiful day outside and church starts at 10:30am and I need to get ready. I hope everyone is doing well and all the best to you and yours!

God Bless,

Brian Tinsley