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Name: Gisela Hsiao
Age at time of Dissection: 43
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 23 November 2010
Tell Us Your Story: Stanford Type B Aortic Dissection

Hi, my name is Gisela Hsiao, 44, live in Las Vegas, here is my story:

I always remember that day when I first had chest pain on Nov 23, 2010 : I just came back from lunch break around 1:00 and sitting in my office, suddenly I heard a continuous bubbling from my stomach to heart then a shooting pain hit me. I was working as an accountant at one casino in Vegas, during that time our secretary stopped by and found that I was in serious pain. She reported to my boss and called 911 right away.

Within 10 min. 911 came, they examined me only could find that I had very high BP (206/168) but my heart was fine. They suggested I should go to the ER. At first I didn’t want to go to ER, heard too many misdiagnosed stories there besides I felt that chest pain not really hurt any more, but my boss and co-workers insisted I should go to ER for thoroughly checkup specially for the chest pain…

Around 1:30 pm I was on 911 car to the nearest Hospital, the 10 min. drive became very long because of heavy traffic. At 2 o’clock (still in 911 car) I felt another shooting pain hit me that made me crying out loud, the Nurse gave me one Morphine but in vain when I was shouting “I don’t wanna die”, he gave me the second one which worked and I calmed down a bit…

When arrived in Hospital ER,my BP was still very high and they examed me thoughly from X-ray, Ultra sound then CT scan, MRI , they found out what caused me chest pain: a very long tear inside my aorota from heart to stomach, it was 8:00 pm already. But there’s argument between surgeons, one wanted surgery and the other one didn’t! Eventually they agreed to sent me to CCU for medical treatment first since there’s a biggest tear (6 cm) too close to my heart…

I was in CCU for 15 days and never thought it would be that fetal seriously ill. Before this, I don’t know anything about Aortic Dissection even though the Nurses tried to explain until I returned home and did some research both in Chinese & English that’s the the time I realized I could die at any time if I don’t receive any treatment…

My doctors told me that my high BP contributed this Aortic Dissection: Yes, I had hypertension since April 2008 ( I was 41) and both my grandmother & father died of hypertension caused dieases. And in Sep 2008, I was pregant with my 3rd child which also contributed too, I think!

After 6 months released from Hospital , I had the scheduled CT Scan on May 16, 2011 and the result stays stable which made me happy but my heart doctor suggested that I should consider a repair surgery and referred me to Endovascular Surgery Center @ USC in L.A. I supposed to receive a surgery today, Jul 18, 2011 however the Nurse @ USC called me last Monday to postpone it because some sergeons wanted to review more my medical record…

I don’t know how I should feel now: in my heart I really don’t want a surgery but in long term I have to do “something” to protect my artery from rupture. I started to train my 15-year-old daughter to clean the house and take care of her 2 young brothers if I die…

Right now I stay home, barely go out, sometimes I drive to pick up kids if my husband can’t make it, feel tired and fatigue all the time,sometimes I feel munbness in my legs and arms, I even can’t take care of my 2-year-old boy by myself (he’s in Day Care !) I applied SSDI last December, got denial in Mar 2011 then sent appeal in May 2011 just received a denial letter today…

This is a really slow progress, I don’t know how (or what) to do next…

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BTW, does anybody know if you did not get approval from SSDI after all will your life insurance company discontinue your LTD (long term disablity) income??? Thanks!

Gisela in Vegas


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  1. i think ss is a more stringent test; if already receiving disability insurance payments, i can’t imagine them being discontinued unless your situation changes; your insurance agent should help you interpret the policy; but receiving both, i don’t know;

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