Name: Robert Proost
Age at time of Dissection: 58
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 17 September 2010
Tell Us Your Story: Only in February 2010 I wrote about my mother, who survived an aorta-dissection at 89 years of age.
She is still doing fine as of today (92 years).

Now the following has happened.

On September 17, 2010 my 58th year old brother fell down on the street in the morning on his way to his work.
He took NO medications at all and had NO medical record where so ever. He was healthy, busy and happy.
The ambulance who picked him up, saw he had some foam around his mouth and took him to the emergency of the nearby hospital in Amsterdam (The Netherlands), and delivered him with the prognoses: epileptic seizure.
He was very busy waving his arms and legs and told the nurses he had pain in his leg; they gave him a drug (dormicum)to keep him quiet.

This all happened around 8.15 AM.
At 1 PM, he was transported to the neurology ward, he was still seduced by the drugs given in the morning, laying with his eyes closed and stil busy with his arms. He did gave normal answers when I asked him questions.
Also his left leg was cold and red/blue-ish coloured. No response on this leg!
I asked the nurse to give him blood-thinners because I was thinking of tromboses, but they told me that they were waiting until he was awake so they could ask him what happened in the morning!!!!!!
Also the doctor told me it was ‘normal’ after having an epileptic seizure.

At 4.45 PM, my brother started to snore and breath heavy and his face swoll-up and was getting all purple!
I immediately pushed the emergency button at his bed and the nurses came from all over the place.
They asked me to leave and stay in the hall.

Approximately 45 minutes later a nurse came to me and told me that my brother would be transported to the Intensive Care Unit. She also told me not to get in a shock when the bed with my brother would pass by me, because his face was all white.

To make a long story short, after waiting in the special room at the IC, the first doctor told me they would take a picture of his brains.Then after 1 hour another doctor came and told me they had given – Robert – my brother again a heavy drug and that I could go home. Then a 3rd doctor came to tell me that Robert’s situation was very critical and that he was brain dead!!!!!!
At 10.45 PM they unplugged him from the breathing machine and Robert died.

Can you believe that I could not believe what happened that day.

At 11.30 PM the neurologist came to talk with me. I told him that this particular IC-unit already brought BAD MEMORIES to me.
That only in 2004 my mother was laying there (in the same room as Robert!) and that the priest gave her the last blessings at her bed, because they told me that she was going to die.
The doctor asked me why my mom had been laying at their IC.
I told him: for an aorta dissection!
Then he said, oh, maybe your brother had the same thing???????????????

We gave permission to have an obduction by the pathologist.
His report came this week and yes, Robert had died of an aorta dissection.

At this moment I am still very busy with Robert’s papers, bank, house etc.
But I have a terrible feeling that the hospital did not treat Robert the correct way when he was brought in at the emergency-unit of the hospital.

They kept on focusing on the epileptic seizure. But I told them Robert NEVER had an epileptic seizure before.
At this moment there are still pieces of his brains, liver, kidneys etc. in research.
When I get the results I will take a lawyer to let him get into this case.


When I have more time, next month, I will go to the doctor and ask him for an echography of my aorta. I heard it can run in the family.

I hope this story is clear enough to understand, because my English is not that good and I am emotional while writing this too.

Francis Proost
Lisse, The Netherlands

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