Ifound this picture searching for something “beautiful” under the picture section. It’s been a while since I have posted anything about me.

I have been working at my new job for almost 3 months now. I will get my insurance again come June 16th, 2011. That’s a must! I am also going to be able to get more life insurance coverage as well from my new employer.

I have mentioned that I have been turned down because of my AD condition by about 5 life insurance companies. I am listening to the French Open tennis tourney in the background and my daughter singing upstairs. My wife went to pick up my son at youth group. My son turned 12 today and he really wanted an iPhone. We went to the Verizon Wireless store, but they said he had to wait till 8/28/2011 to be eligible for an upgrade. So, I got home and called the Verizon customer service and I think I am going to be able to get him one by next Thursday. He’s also trying out for select lacrosse and I am happy that he’s really liking the sport. My wife is going to try and become a medical assistant and is starting classes this summer, her substituting is not working that well and teachers just seem to be getting laid off and now are having to take pay cuts. I am playing some singles in the morning (0530am) and it’s about my normal bedtime (8:30pm) and I just wanted to say hello to everyone.

Have a great day tomorrow!