Today was my last day at my old job. It was a 2 year to the date career move after my 6 month stent at Global Crossing and prior to that my six day short of 20 years at MCI/Verizon. I start my new career at Comcast on 3/14 and I have the next week off to get ready for the changes that are ahead. I am hoping to finish our my career with a “dream job” and I am looking forward to the change. I decided that I am working towards my CCNA and I am studying for the level right below that right now and will take that first test and then move onto the CCNA and eventually become a CCNA with the the VOIP certification. It’s a great goal and I WILL do it!

I got my bill for my MRA that was actually a two-part MRA, one of my chest (heart) and the other from the heart down to my ankles. It’s going to cost me $1100.00. I am hoping that I can make payments! My calf has also been bothering me, it’s the calf that they said they saw some “stenosis” behind my right calf in the peroneal(sp) artery. I am scheduled for a test a week from today. I did have Dr. David Liang review my MRA’s and he said that it looked fine and that it was a “blood clot” from my original dissection back on 8/22/2003.

My daughter has made the JV tennis team at her highschool and she’s wanting to be the best singles player on JV and try to move up. She took it kind of hard that she didn’t make varsity, but.. she’s only just started playing and is a sophomore. I am trying to help teach here. I finished #5 in the PNW for the Men’s 45 age division! I made the hall of fame at our club and get my picture put up in a ceremony this month. I am also the captain of the 4.5 Men’s USTA team for our club as well, and we have our first match coming up on the 20th and the following weekend, I am going to Portland for the big tourney in Oregon.

I got a new coffee maker today, I bought it off ebay and it’s a Capresso and I just wanted a good cup of drip coffee. Granted, I have a Keurig, but it was just not doing it for me! I like the process of grinding the beans, the water and the smell!!!

Have a nice weekend!
Brian 🙂