Perhaps the best way to live life is with a “blessed hope” that everything is going to work out. I recently has my first MRA done and was concerned with a comment that was made by the “fellow” who read me the radiologist report. The report said that I had some stenosis behind my right calf. Well, the bad thing about the internet, you can read some negative worse case scenarios. I am scheduled to see the vascular surgeon on the 10th of March after my first appointment for some vascular tests. However, I got a second opinion of my MRA by Dr. David Liang of Stanford. And he said this about my situation:

Your MRI looks great. The aortic root is stable at 4.5-4.6 cm and there appears to be only a little leakage from the valve. The arch and the rest of the aorta are dissected, but only minimally dilated. The arch measures 3.2 cm and the distal abdominal aorta measures 3.0 cm.

The stenosis they mention looks like an occlusion of one of the three calf arteries on the right(the peroneal branch). The occlusion is probably a very old one, perhpas from a blood clot at the time of the original dissection. The occluded artery is bypassed very well both from above and below by very well formed natural bypass blood vessels. The degree to which they have developed explains why you have no symptoms and also supports that the blockage has been there for a long time. The other branches look absolutely normal so if you take care of yourself there should be no issue in the future.

No need for surgery of any kind.


My point is this, you need to make sure you get more than one opinion and gather enough data to hopefully get a satisfactory vote on what it is you might think you have or have not. In this case, I appreciate David’s opinion very much. I played tennis the last 4 days in a row and I am feeling lots better. I had hurt my back about 5 weeks ago and it’s great to be back.

I am changing jobs, and gave my two week notice last Friday. I can’t wait to move on and get with a more solid company. I am super excited to learn and grow. My dad came over yesterday morning and took my son out for breakfast. I took my daughter and friend over to the local tennis courts to give them a 2 hour lesson. My daughter is trying out for the high school tennis team – I hope she makes it.

Have a great day!