I had my second part of my MRA. I had my original ascending Aorta to mid aorta and then today the kidneys down to my toes. I had it done at the U of W. They were great and made it as enjoyable as possible. When I had the first one done, I was very nervous and actually had to have the guy stay in there and touch my head a few times. I recommend NOT opening your eyes at all. This one today, I was in a fence like apparatus that kept my body/legs from moving and had a different kind of solution that they one a few weeks ago. The reason was that this (they told me more expensive) solution lasted longer.

I got to see some of the pictures or my insides and it was amazing! From what they said, it looked pretty good as well as that is what they said when I got my heart one done. They said that they didn’t see any growth.

I am ready for bed, got to get up at 4:50am for my Thursday doubles. Tomorrow evening is my first round of my tennis tourney in the Men’s 45 division.