Wow… I was looking over my Vitas Gerulaitis tribute that I had put together and discovered this morning that I actually have 2 sets of autographs; one of which has, Vitas G, Harold Soloman, Peter Fleming, Rosco Tanner, J. Clerc. The other one has Vitas, Jimmy Connors, Bjorn Borg and Tim Gullikson. I didn’t know that I had this one card with “2” greats that are no longer with the tennis community.

I put this memorial together for Vitas as I attended what I believe to be his last tournament he played in before his unfortunate death. I am a big fan of tennis and granted, it almost killed me, due to my aorticdissection while playing tennis, I am still back out there trying to get back into shape. I am fortunate to have a second chance at life and this is inspiring to me to know that my small memorial is very treasured to me.