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Name: Raun Rasmussen
Email: raun7840@optonline.net
Age at time of Dissection: 77
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection: 27 May 2005

Tell Us Your Story: At 8:30 am I was dressed and leaning over the end of the bed to tie my sneakers. I raised up, and stood up, and felt a great pressure across my chest, and then across my shoulder blades and then, across my lower stomach. I wondered whether I was having a stoke or heart attack and felt like laying down again but, remembered an article I had received, explaining the difference between stroke and heart attack. So, I went into the office and started looking through medical files, with no result.

Then, I turned on the computer and started to look at the Mayo Clinic Web site information, when my wife came in. When I explained, she said let’s go to the hospital. As it turned out, a Partner of my Cardiologist was in the Hospital and responded to the E R and asked them to do a CT.

The result is, that they found a Type B dissection running all the way to the groin, with one kidney being serviced by the False Lumen and the left kidney serviced by the True Lumen.

Setting aside the time I spent in hospital, I have, for 5 years now, taken a regimen of drug pressure reducing meds which seem to have kept me in a reasonable shape. I have periodic CT scans, (without contrast, because of its impact on the kidneys).

My recent measurements are 6 cm in the Distal Arch, etc. While I have arranged for a Surgeon, I doubt that I would want to risk having a procedure that had the risk of making me unable to control my fate. I have now survived for 5 years. The Blood Pressure meds are a brutal impact on breathing and energy, but I am enjoying my children and grandchildren.

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  1. Carole

    Thanks for your “story” 5 years looks good to me I am 5 months w/the type B dissection and your imput looks like something I can hang my hopes onto.
    God bless and enjoy the grandchildren

  2. Carole


  3. Carole

    Thanks for your “story” 5 years looks good to me I am 5 months w/the type B dissection and your imput looks like something I can hang my hopes onto.
    God bless and enjoy the grandchildren

  4. Raun Rasmussen

    Carole: Those early months are the worst. Then things get better and you sail along, taking care to be religious about yhour morning and evening medications. Also, for the first two years, I took my own bloood pressure readings morning and evening, which was reassuring to me, as I saw the medications being ehlpful in pulling down my blood pressure. The ‘automatic’ BP meauring devices for the home are easy to use.
    You will do fine.

  5. Raun Rasmussen

    Carole: I apologize for being in a hurry and not checking my spelling.

  6. Your spelling was fine, thanks again

  7. Richard Savage

    You will see the story of my wife Vicki listed under the 60n year olds. It has now been 9+ years since she had her dissection. Her thoracic aneurysm/dissection is up to 6.0 cm, but like you she does not want an part of surgery. Her brother had a dissection about 2 years ago and was in surgery for over 12 hours. He died a month later, but if he had lived he would have had to have his feet and some fingers amputated, so his death we think was a blessing. For her the false lumna feeds the right leg. So every thing else works fine, but like you she can’t walk far with out running out of steam. But the last 9 years have been good to us and she hasn’t been in any pain. At this point we and I think our doctors feel surgey would not be a good option. There are some things worse than death.
    Hang in there sounds like you have a positive attitude.

  8. Debra


    Thank you for taking the time to relate your story and that of your wife. I trust you are both doing well. My 77 year old mother developed a Type B AD 2 weeks ago and as held in the hospital for about 4 days before coming to live with me. She’s being treated with blood pressure medication although surgery is still a viable option. Her cardiologist and vascular surgeon have not as yet examined her. She’ll be living with me for the forseeable future as she’s no longer able to care for heself.
    The biggest concern for her is if this is how her life will be from now own. Will she ever be able to return to her pre AD lifestyle of active independence or will she always need to be looked after, weak, out of breath etc?
    Your thoughts on how your life changed afterwards?

  9. Richard Savage


    Sorry I got the wrong name on the note I put up. If your Mom was only in for 4 days it sounds like she is doing well. The key will be to keep the blood pressure down and not to lift any thing heaver than a gallon of milk. My wife was in the hospital for over 7 days as I remember. This was about 10 years ago and she is still with us. She has a number of other problems besides the AD which make her short of breath and I hope that will not be the case with your Mom. So I think your mother has a lot of good and enjoyable years ahead of her. She may not be able to be quite as active as she was, but that won’t keep her from enjoying her family and life. Just keep a positive attitude. I’m sure her doctor will have some good advice for her.
    Dick Savage

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