Name: Mandy Wyant
Age at time of Dissection: 37
Type of Dissection: Descending

Date of Aortic Dissection: 26 November 1969

Tell Us Your Story:

My story is really hard for me to write but after reading everyone else’s experiences I feel like I should share mine. I was pregnant with twins and on November 22, 2006 they both were delivered without a c-section and I was on top of the world.

They were born only a week away from my due date so I was able to take them home the day after Thanksgiving. My birthday is November 26th so 4 days after they were delivered, I was holding my daughter Jennifer around 4:00am in the morning when this weird burning sensation radiated done my spine and I literally sat up immediately and lost my breath.

When it was over I called for my mother who was staying to help me with the twins. I told  her something just happened and it was not normal. I thought I could not breath right and only felt comfortable on all fours. They called 911 and a policeman arrived and comforted me until the ambulance got there.

The pain was setting in between my two shoulder blades and it was extremely painful. I kept thinking that my epidural had something to do with it because of the way my pain went down my spine in the beginning. I was rushed to Martha Jefferson hospital where my angel Dr. Snufin quickly diagnosed me with an aortic dissection.

From there I was transported to the University of Virginia hospital. Little did I know how serious this was because they did not want to tell me due to anxiety and stress, but they wanted my entire family to come to the hospital because they were afraid I would not make it through the night. This dissection had already killed my left kidney and was working on my right one. I was rushed into surgery and a Radiologist named Dr. Arslen saved my life.

After a week in the hospital I was sent home with tons of medication to keep my Bood Pressure down to prevent complications however I could not stand up without passing out. I could not even take a shower without having a chair to sit in. It was horrible.

Finally I was put on the right dosage of meds so that I was able to somewhat function. It is now going on 4 years since my dissection but my life has been anything but normal I went back to work on a reduced work schedule but could not handle it because I felt like crap all of the time with no energy. I went on disability and applied for Social Security  benefits and was approved rather quickly.

I personally feel impending doom from this experience as I am definitely not the same person. I have been through tremendous bouts with depression and find my life extremely stressful. I believe my husband is in denial and he is not really supportive. I have accepted that this could happen again and I that my life has been shortened  but the only thing that does keep me going are my twin girls.

They are thriving and definitely a handful. I just wish I could be a lot stronger and do the things my girls need from their mother. I could go on and on, but I will end it for now. Thanks for this web site for allowing our personal stories I just wish my story was more happier but it really is not.



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