Age at time of Dissection: 27
Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection:  4 July 2007
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Please excuse the complete disregard 4 the English language  I am a horror-able speller and an even worse typer and this would take me an eternity w/out spell check and worrying about punctuation and capitols  so for that i do apologize  well any who i guess here we go   my symptoms started years before with blind spots flashes and lose of sight in 1 eye all together for a brief period also i would get chest pains and headaches if i over exerted  myself i was born with a bicuspid aorta instead of a tricuspid that was never diagnosed.

The night before my dissection we were celebrating my fathers birthday and i might have been partying a little hardy which I’ve been known 2 do now and then  at some point in the night i was hanging in my room with sum people and passed out when i awoke around six a.m i hoped on my computer and started playing a game around seven i stood up to stretch and that’s when the famous dissection  popping and burning started with an immediate headache lower back pain and a funny feeling in my legs so being a bit dense i just laid down and tried 2 sleep it off  after about 2 to 3 min. i realized something was really wrong my headache had gone away but the feeling in my legs had intensified like bolts of lightning were shooting threw them  by the time the paramedics showed up i had collapsed and was unable to move my legs  the hospital.

That they brought me to was the one i had visited three times within months complaining of chest pain and was sent home w/ Xannex and told it was just anxiety thankfully if you look half dead and covered in sweat they take you serious at some point after the mri  my memory stops and kicks back in 2 weeks later what I missed was being med flighted to m.g.h them opting to do the vascular surgery.

First to save any hope of me having some kinda feeling and movement below my waist and also a heart surgery to implant my mechanical heart valve a month and a half later after 5 days in rehab is woke with chest pains and before i knew it i was back at m.g.h being told my valve was leaking and i would need another heart surgery  immediately  so anyway here i am after 2 10 hour heart surgery s and an 11 hour vascular surgery four and a half months in the hospital and three years of up an downs and fear and uncertainty  at the time this is being written is the worse I’ve felt since the whole shmeal maybe I’m just slow and the gravity of the situation finally hit me well thanks for letting me share i wish you all the best and hope all the sexy people with mechanical heart valves many more years of annoying ticking in your ears!!!!!!!!!!!!

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