Vincent Fioretti-61

Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending Date of Aortic Dissection: 17 May 2006 Tell Us Your Story


Well I am told I am supposed to be dead. You see Mine broke. I was In a parking lot at the time. Someone noticed me and called an ambulance. They took me to a hospital that did not do open heart surgery. So i had to be put in another and taken to Broward General In Fort Lauderdale. Now I was passed out all the time everything was happening. So the story I am telling is what I have been able to piece together. But it was at lease 4 hours before I was taken into surgery.

Well at sometime I was taken into surgery. The Doctor opened me up and look around . when he moved my heart he saw the damage. He then has his partner come in. 10 hours in surgery.

I ran out of room.

Well after the operation I went to intensive care for 50 days.

And then 90 days in rehab. I did not have any muscles left in my body. The rehabilitation was very hard. I was left with a drop foot with a lot of pain. So now I was called by my doctors a living miracle, and if I lived I would be a vegetable because of the medication keeping my in a coma.  Oh also never be able to walk.

Mentally I am fine and even have my memory. I can walk and have the pain under control. It has been four and a half yrs. and at 66 I feel great. I am on a blood pressure pill and pain medication.

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