Wow.. this is my favorite time of the year, being able to watch the US Open. I was kind of in my own US Open playing in the Yakima Sectional tennis tourney in Yakima WA. I drove 300 miles there and back on Saturday and won my first match, then had a rematch of my Lakewood Tacoma WA match opponent and just didn’t play that well. I had thought I would start much better… Oh well, back to the drawing board and more practice and training.  I will eventually beat that guy, next time for sure!

My friend, Jack who was the guy that I was playing on the clay at 40 when I had my dissection was playing his first round on Saturday am (we drove over together) and his opponent after the first set said his chest hurt, he was short of breath and his arms were going numb.  Jack called 911 and and luckily for his opponent, the got there fairly quickly (within 1 hours time) is the time you need to be in the hospital and having your surgery to place your stent in if you have a chance to survive the heart attack. Fortunately, this guy was lucky! We stopped by and checked on him before we left town.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Brian 🙂