Age at time of Dissection: 36
Type of Dissection: Descending
Date of Aortic Dissection:  8 April 2010
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Hi my name is Brenda Roberson I was a cna working for hospice ,I Started my day as any day ,had been working over time and we had been short handed lift heavy pts. on that life changing day me and my ass. had 12 pt to see that day! we done 4 i think and had lunch and went to our next pt and pt refused so we talked with the pt and family on our way out i felt like someone had hit me in the back with a ball bat! my partner was like are you Ok . I said i need to set down so we got in her car and i thought I’m having a stroke i got sick ,hot etc she rushed me to a place like north point .

I was vomiting the had me then in a ambulance and the next thing I knew I was in ICU .I thought it was a dream I’m 36 and have been dealing with high BP since I was 17 in and out of hospitals it got better at times.but this has been LIFECHANGING FOR ME. I was very active a go getter I’ve been married 18 years . and have 1 daughter So on April 8 2010 i was told i had thoracic abdominal  aortic dissection that wasn’t repairable at this point in time.

80 %blockage to my right reads aortic dissection flap is present just distal to the origin of the left sub-clavian artery making this a type b. it descends through the remaining length of the thoracic an abdominal aorta,into bilateral common iliac arteries,clot at right proximal iliac artery narrows the remaining right iliac lumen to a thin crescent, narrowing 80%  I could go on and on but if you have had this happen you no what I’m talking about.the doc have put me off work ,its been awful  and i feel like i should bee getting better but i can only walk 30 yards and I’m give out i guess from all the meds I have filed for disability  and got turned down twice , if this is so life threat n why is it so hard to get disability and mine has not ruptured so they say if it does i have less than 5 min. and i will bleed out and die ,I’m not to lift over 5 pounds the docs tell me just to keep walking ,

I’ve got no pulse in my right leg they think they might be a blockage in that leg but nobody in East Tenn has a clue they all are like it just takes time  well if I sat around every day and thought  this could rupture at any time  i would b e nuts! So can any body offer any advice  PLEASE!

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