Type of Dissection: Both Ascending and Descending Date of Aortic Dissection: 22 March 2003

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I don’t really know how to type and I’m no writer but here we go. In march 2003 on a Sunday afternoon me and my 7 year old son were sitting in the living room playing video games. When out of nowhere i got the most severe burning/tearing pain in my chest.I immediately started vomiting and my vision went back and forth from blurry to double. My girlfriend at the time called 911.I was sitting on the front porch when the ambulance arrived.They took my vitals and an EKG.

Next they started asking what my symptoms were and what i had done that afternoon. After explaining my day to them i was given 3 options.1 they take me to the hospital 2 i take myself to the hospital or 3 relax,take a deep breath and go to bed”In my professional opinion you have gas”. I chose 3 and after hours of lying in the fetal position in agony decided to take myself to the emergency room. WEST SIDE REGIONAL HOSPITAL.

Now in the emergency room vomiting and complaining of chest pain the doctor orders a chest x-ray.Nothing shows up.I’m admitted at 1:AM Monday morning.All that day that i can remember is pain and tests but to the doctor there was nothing wrong with me.I was told that if i held my dinner down i would be sent home in the morning.Dinner came back up.

Tuesday morning the staff doctor ordered an exploratory sonogram. The tech. started be looking around my abdomen.(was told that was because of all the vomiting)She saw nothing.She lubed up the machine and proceeded to run it up over my chest.The one thing i will never forget about that experience was the look of fear in her eyes and how fast she dropped that machine to grab a phone and was screaming we have a problem.Next thing i remember is a person running down the hall next to my bed telling me i need to sign all these papers.I asked what for? He told me so we can save your life.

Came to 3 days later with tubes and wire coming out of my chest,nose and mouth.Was told i had an aortic root repair /dissection/aneurysm and a saint jude valve replacement.32 years old surgeon was William Bailey never met the man but i’d like to say thank you! 18 days in the hospital and 3 months of recovery and life went on.

Lets fast forward to April 18 2010 now 39 years old.Times have changed ,business is tougher and i found my self working a lot harder.On Saturday the 17 i came home from work with extreme back pain.Sunday the 18 i woke up and had my now wife take me to the emergency room.At first i saw a nurse practitioner who was going to send me home a narcotic pain killer as she could tell by looking at me that my pain was from my occupation (I’m a tile contractor).She went to check with the doctor in charge who said no way .With your history I’m ordering a few CT scans.After a couple hours of waiting the doctor came back to tell me that a helicopter was on its way to get me and take me to the University of Florida/Shands hospital.Told me i have multiple dissections and a very large AAA.Told me no one in this area of the state is going to touch you (you have to go NOW).


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