Perfect beauty-God’s wonderful creations. The butterfly! I love this picture as it’s so peaceful to me. Well, it’s been a bit since I posted. I am hopefully going to finish up my daughter’s swing set tomorrow. My dad is coming over again and this time with my brother as well. I just got back from Lowe’s and bought 12 80lbs bags of quickcrete and 10 60 lbs as well. I have 2 giagantic holes to set the posts in for the set.

I am also in the semi-finals of the tennis tournament in Lakewood Tacoma WA today at 4pm. I will plan on wining this match and making it to the final on Sunday morning. If all goes well and according to plan, I will be in my first 45’s final on Sunday. And… have a shot a winning it!

My daughter just got her driving permit and starts drivers ed this next Monday. My wife has taken her to a few parking lots to practice. OMG… what happened to my little girl! My sons growing like a weed too! He’s got an echo cardiogram schedule for early August at Children’s and I pray to the GOOD LORD that he’s got a normal size aorta. It also turns out that my brother has a mild case of Mitral Valve prolaspe.  I have referred him to my cardiologist, Dr. Alex Sytman and hopefully he’s keeping an eye on it. I will remind him when I see him tonight for my victory beer celebration after I win my semi-final match.

I need to get my echo cardiogram scheduled for myself as well. It will be 7 years on 8/22/2010. I think I am going to do my next CT/Angio in 2 years. Man…. I can’t seem to think straight.. My AD was on 8/22/2003.  I am so thankful to be alive and able to spend time with my family and playing tennis again.

OK.. Take care!

Brian 🙂