Incredible victory today for John Isner. It’s hard to imagine a match going this long and for both of them to continue to fight and fight. Forget who won the match, they both won! The fact that they were such good sportsmen and they showed so much class the entire match – it was magical! I managed to watch the last 4 games on my computer as work. I had no idea it was even happening! I have a cold and feeling like crap the last few days. I just took some Advil cold medicine and it seems to have help my sinuses a bit. I still have this nagging cough however. Oh well, I can only get better!

It’s been relatively hot the last few days near 70 degrees here and it’s about time! I can’t wait to get my new bird feeders in so I can watch the birds. This time, I got squirrel proof one and hopefully those little buggers won’t be able to crack into the seeds.I hope some one reading this blog will make an anonymous donation soon. With my wife out of work, and me making less 50% less than I used to make, times are tough! If you feel it in your heart, you can make a donation here.

I am so glad tomorrow is Friday, this has been a long week and feeling like crap, makes it that much harder. I hope to make it to work tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit the aorticdissection/forums and hook up with some other AD survivors.

Take care,