Hi, my name is Ken and Pam was my wife.

On Aug 7 2007 Pam was taken to the emergency room for sever lower back pain. I requested that she be taken to our regular hospital.The paramedics said with a pulse of 40 she was going to the nearest hospital. When she arrived at the ER she was treated for back pains.
The Drs scanned her and did the normal X Rays and found nothing. The pain medicine she was give didn’t do anything to ease her pain. Once the Drs decided that there was nothing wrong they were ready to admit her.

I requested she be transferred to our regular hospital. At that point all treatment was stopped. What a great thing request a transfer and you become useless to them.

Once Pam was transferred to our hospital and was in a level of comfort I went home and left Pam with her sister. While Pam was visiting with her sister her GP came by to check upon her. While he was there Pam went code blue. With the aide of a ultrasound and a X Ray it was determined that Pam was dissecting on the descending aorta and need surgery.

I was called arrived at the hospital in time to see her being rushed into surgery. After ten hours of surgery and massive blood lose Pam survived the surgery. Pam was a miracle survivor from the Drs standpoint.
Since her initial surgery Pam has had her aortic arch replaced by Dr Sevenson and her abdominal aorta replaced by Dr Coselli. Pam also had a few stents for small aneurysms.

It has found that the root of Pam’s problem was caused by Ehlers- Danlos syndrome and Loeys Dietz Syndrome.

On Oct 7 2009 Pam passed away after having a piece of her aorta ripping and causing a blockage that caused a heart attack. This time Pam was unable to survive surgery.

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