I always considered myself as an active person in relatively good health despite poor lifestyle choices.I have abused alcohol for most of my life and was a binge tobacco smoker, i exercised somewhat and had a poor diet.I am thin and in relatively good physical shape with no cardiac problems and no history of aortic dissection in my family.My blood pressure was usually around 140/85.

On Oct. 1 2009 i suffered a stabbing pain in my back and my legs became paralyzed.I was thankfully rushed to N.Y. Presbyterian hospital in Manhattan and by chance was ultimately seen by Dr. Leonard Girardi who informed me that i had 72 hours to live if i didn’t undergo a 7 hour open heart procedure to correct both an ascending and descending dissection.Dr. Girardi and his team saved my life despite great odds and a 4 day coma.

My recovery was slow and i get better a day at a time.I feel great now and i haven’t had a cigarette or a drink since that fateful day in October. I truly believe that my higher power was looking after me and that alcohol and tobacco was a major cause of my condition.

I would love to give back and help others who are stricken with this potentially life threatening event.


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