The moon is shining all over the world at one time or another. I like this picture as it reminds me of the “LIGHT” we need to carry on with our everyday lives. This “LIGHT” can mean many things to many people – for me, it’s the JESUS. For others, it could be super powers that the moon gives them! Who knows.. Just thought it was interesting how it’s reflected as well. Speaking of reflecting, as I head into Father’s Day weekend, I can’t but thank the GOOD LORD for my father. He’s a tremendous man – a great man and father and more importantly, a man of GOD. You could NOT find a better man that my dad whom I love to the moon and back. I am so proud to have a father like him, I am so blessed to have him near by and see him as often as our families can get together. I admire him and all the things he’s done. But.. he’s a simple and honest man, and a person whom everyone likes and loves. I love my dad always and forever!

I had been wondering what had happened to the AD stories and why I hadn’t seen them. Well, I actually filled out a test story form today and discovered that my email address that sends the results was going to an old email address that I was no longer using! LOL! So, I fixed it and found that I had 7 new stories to publish. I hope they help!

I am playing some doubles in the morning and will mow the lawn tomorrow. It’s getting long! I have been a bit of a slump lately not wanting to study anymore for the PMP exam. I had got about 1/2 way done and hit a wall. I need to push through and continue on and take the exam. And pass it!


Good night.