Any body&#8217 in their right mind, would not attempted to have played a singles tennis match like I tried this evening. I had injured my back on Sunday and decided that I could wear my brace, strap the ben gay pad on my back, take 3 Advil and attempt to play competitive singles. Well, 6-0,6-0 should be ringing loud and clear to me that I made a big mistake. I should have just defaulted as that’s what I had actually done the day before, I thought my first round was Thursday evening. So, I had emailed the tournament director to find a replacement and he said I was a day ahead of myself!

It’s now back to the drawing board to not only get my back and abs back in shape, but to also get my mind in focus to become a competitive singles player again. This back issue was a real eye opener that I MUST stretch out prior to playing for at least 15 minutes and have the same routine after playing.

I think with some better strectching exercises and a commitment to getting my back completely “back” on track, I can be competitive again. I still have the entire summer of tennis tourney’s to play in and get to the top of my game. In retrospect, playing when injured and more importantly – if you have not chance of winning the tournament is a bad idea. I got the message of humiliation and feel quite humbled that I got my butt kicked!

Good night!