Being 47 years of age on 9 April 2005 I went to the hospital with terrible chest- and later back pain. I was diagnosed with Aortic Dissection type B. My wasn’t taken for 25 years or so. When they took it it was 180/110 but of course I was in death-fear. Stayed in hospital for almost 6 weeks. They did not operate me but gave me a lot of bp meds.

I was a chain smoker but stopped smoking once in hospital. I thought: “Now or never” When I came out of hospital I was kept on and that first summer I remember having it always cold despite high temperatures outside. They did not give me a life expectancy and I read some things that said 8 years but that’s because most people get these dissections being older the 70 so 8 years is even normal then.

It’s more then 5 years ago now. I’m still not smoking (also no trouble with it) but I kept being a social drinker. Slowly diminished medication both on advice and my own judgment. Still blood pressure is 120/80 despite little medication.

I must say I feel better then before the dissection occurred !At this moment I see no reason why my life should be shorter then without dissection. I get an MRI scan every year and it shows no changes till now so that’s OK.
It’s unlikely the aorta will expand and rupture unnoticed between scans.

So far my story
author unknown

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