I hope everyone is as lucky as me to have a Valentine. My wife is my mine! I am so thankful to have one. I also got my kids each a card, chocolate and a teddy bear for her and a dancing thing for my son. We went and saw the Percy Hawkins movie last night with the kids and a couple of their friends-it was really a good movie.

I am not sure if the Daytona 500 is on today or tomorrow, but I would like to watch it. I am also taking Monday off as both of my kids are out of school. Speaking of schools, we are probably going to pull my daughter out of ABM and send he to the new public high school next year and my son to the new middle school. With the housing market in the toilet, I am hoping we can move back where we used to live sometime this summer.

I seem to have this recurring dream that I am one class short of graduating from college and that I have to go back and take summer school to pass the course and get my diploma… I had this dream again last night and man…. it’s like it’s almost so real, then I wake up and go whooooooooooooooosh… What is the issue? My wife says I have unfinished business I need to do! LOL! I do!  I need to get my new website finished-not sure what happened here? But… the person I hired has completely left me out in the cold. The project was supposed to start last Wednesday and I have not heard from the person since. I paid her $150.00 and have left her emails, posts on the project web and voice mails and no response. I am not sure what to do?  I am also going to have my Forum redone as well, that is supposed to start on Monday. And, then my filing of the 501 (c) form for my non profit. My buddy said to do it myself and he’s an accountant. So, I might try it today.  I also emailed the Marfan.org group to ask them for help, I haven’t heard from them yet.

Don’t forget, if you live in the NY area, to go to the Aortic Symposium 2010 I encourage you to attend if you have the chance, this is the Experts convention. Thanks to Gabe for letting me know about this and his news letter.

My USTA tennis season starts next week and we have our first match on the 20th. My son’s lacrosse starts next week as well and on the 19th, we going to watch the Stealth play again. They are great! If you ever get a chance to see professional lacrosse-go check it out!

I am looking into possibly getting new carpet for the house. Our new dog has chewed it up in a few places, we have spilled Ink from the dog getting a hold of an ink pin and if we do try and sell the house, we will have to get new carpet. Yikes! We are also selling our old couch and love seat on CL and hoping to get $150.00 for them!

Have a great day!