Long Term Survival Rates for Aortic Dissection Survivors


Thanks to my good friend, Dr. Gabriele DiLouzzo, I am proud to share with you a recent newsletter that was produced by him at the Mount Sinai Aortic Center. This study was covering patients over a 7 year period there. It’s definitely worth reading. You can find it here.

Don’t forget you can also attend the Aortic Dissection Symposium coming up very soon in New York.

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  3. I am a survivor of an desending aortic dissection which was done in 2011. If you would like me to give you my story please contact me.

    Thank you,


  4. I had aortic dissection happen in 2010, during heart catherization.  no surgery –

  5. how do I contact you and read your storu

  6. I was in a car accident in 1986 and suffered aortic dissection, it was 28 years ago this January 2, happy to still be here and pleased I could see my children grow up and make me a happy grandfather of 8 little ones.

  7. I had a complete aortic dissection last year. The dissection is from my heart to below my naval, and through the grace of God I still here.

  8. I had a thoracic aortic aneurysm with dissection all repaired on February 18th (2015). The surgeons told my wife and sister that it is usually unheard of to do the dissection repair at the same time as the aortic repair – which ended up involving a metal valve – but the (descending) dissection was so severe that they had to do it RIGHT THEN to give me a chance to survive… and here I am, over 7 weeks later.


  9. My emergency happened on September 21 2002… my dissection travel clear to the bottom of my Aorta,my surgeon replace my Aorta with a synthetic mesh type, back in 2002 they told me if I survived 1 year, then I may have a 60% chance of survival rate. I am here!!! 12.5 years,,, and God giving me the chance to continue to count.. I am Blessed…

  10. Love to hear it, Kathleen!

  11. Mine happened in the middle of the night on September 22, 2014. I thought it was heartburn. I went to work the next day, came home after went to bed. In the morning went to the er feeling ok but my wife said go. I was joking with the nurses after the CT scan. 5 minutes later I had 3 doctors standing in front of me work their mouths open asking if I was in pain. They proceeded to make me lie down and called an ambulance to transport me to a cardiac facility for surgery. I’m 41 and had bp over250. I now have a 9 in spiral discection. They say they cant operate because of the other arteries coming off are to many. My bp is under 120 now but I’m scared. I don’t know off surgery will help. The doctors seemed really skeptical. Well that’s my story. Go Raiders….

  12. Aaron W., best of luck to you; I recently learned that I am in a similar situation. After learning that a repair of my dissection did NOT occur when they repaired my thoracic ascending aortic aneurysm, I am now experiencing a constant state of “limbo”, with the surgeons stating to my regular doctor and cardiological specialist that my b/p MUST stay at 120 or lower. (The original surgical team does not want to operate on the dissection, which goes from the new metallic device grafted to my thoracic aorta right at the valve all the way down through my abdomen and beyond the iliac split into both femoral arteries.)

  13. Correction: I (finally) learned about 3 months ago – more than a year-and-a-half after my huge cardiac “event” – that I did NOT have my dissection repaired! The surgeons addressed the aortic aneurysm right at/on my hear valve by grafting on a metallic device with metallic valve, thus relieving the source of the pressure the caused the dissection (which, even in its “residual” state, still extends all the way past my iliac and into my right femoral area).

  14. Well… It’s fortunate that you guys had some pretty good healthcare… I belong to a Union that had a basement bargain healthcare… The type of healthcare where they will put a band aid and a stick of bubble gum on a gun shot wound… They misdiagnosed my aortic dissection for years.. Said I was having a mild heart attack… And dismissed me while I had internal bleeding… So my rupture healed by itself..the last rupture Created a hematoma… And when I say it was a rupture!.. I mean it… The pain of a rupture is indescribable… It’s as close to death as you can imagine… It took me two months to discover the rupture.. Because my doctor didn’t care what kind of pain I was in…

  15. In 2014 I experienced the simultaneous rupture of a thoracic aortic aneurysm and aortic (full length) dissection. Two surgeries, flat line in the OR and code blue in the ICU followed by two weeks in the hospital. I was mostly dead, yet I am still here today. Recovery is ongoing, it is a long road back.

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