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I was a 37 year old female who was pregnant. During labor the baby’s heart rate had dropped and an emergency C section performed. I thought the worst was over. When i went home to enjoy life with my daughter, 5 days later i experienced a very sharp pain in my upper back and then became unable to breathe. I thought it… was complications from the c-section but i was rushed to the hospital to find out that I have Type b Aortic Dissection which thankfully is being controlled with meds so far.

I get a Ct Scan every 6 months and for the past 4 years the tear has remained stable but the anxiety each day and especially before each scan is unnerving. The Dissection did cause the shut down of part of my liver which is now Fibrotic but i am glad to still be here. I go on the internet daily to see if there are any better prognosis but it seems this condition is so rare that only 40% survive past ten years and I am so thankful to be alive but want to at least see my daughter turn 18.

I hope there will be more advances real soon to give us survivors long term hope. thanks for having a group. It was helpful reading other stories of survival.

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Cooper Opens First Hybrid OR in South Jersey to Treat Aortic Disease


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  1. Marek Plasota


    I have just read your story on the website
    I am about to leave my work right now heading back home. Can I stay in touch with you and write a bit more and ask few questions about Aortic dissection related issues?
    I am 45 year old man and I have been struck with ascending aorta dissection while driving my car on the highway on October 7th 2009.
    I ended up with Type A dissection, then heart attack and a small stroke, all within 24 hrs, my kidneys, liver and lungs failed I was in comma for 10 days.
    Doctors gave me artificial aorta and mechanical valve and double bypass, today 6 months later I already play tennis, first game I played three days ago.
    I have so many questions and this is the first website I come across linking all of us, can I ask you few questions.
    I will wait for your response.

    Marek Plasota

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