Do OBGYN’s know anything about Aortic Dissections in women?

 I found this strange picture via a search for on Google for a SAD picture. I am troubled and sad today after reading a story that was sent to me by a reader. It turns out that she had a pregnant daughter who was giving birth to brand new baby girl via a c-section. The apparently complained to the doctor that she had chest pains. She was sent home and complained of continuous chest pains and I am told they told her it was gas and the swelling in her feet/ankles would go away in 2 weeks. It turns out that she was trying to pass that so called “gas” in the rest room at their home and died there. She leaves behind a loving mother and the husband and baby girl will never be able to enjoy having their mother around.

This is completely outrageous! Moreover, it could have been prevented. For starters, I believe this pediatricians are clueless when it comes to even knowing what an Aortic Dissection is to begin with. Furthermore, this isn’t the first story that I have heard of a women having an aortic dissection during her giving birth to the child. If the patient had been complaining of chest pains, a “red” light should have gone off on a well trained pediatrician’s head! However, hers a classic case that a clueless doctor was only concerned about delivering a baby and not paying attention to the mother.

I am very sorry for this family and there pain from all this-pain that will linger for a lifetime. The mother of the daughter giving birth is beside herself for not going back to the ER as the pediatrician said it was just gas and it would pass. Again, a fatal mistake here! However, who’s to say that even if she’d made it to the hospital that she would have got the appropriate care as she was a ticking time bomb!

We need to insist that there is more attention brought to the forefront about this possible condition where a women could have an aortic dissection while giving birth and that the doctor delivering the baby had better be trained to at least have something register with them that due to the extreme about of pressure  giving birth, the aorta could dissect!

I hope that we can really do something here! It’s a terrible thing to have this happen to anyone.

Brian Tinsley


  1. I want to sort of make this my mission in awareness. I had chest pains prior to delivery that I knew felt different than a “foot pushing under my rib” yet who’s to truly know what that was. Could have been a sign that it was coming. Delivery was fine and 22hrs later, bam! Out of nowhere and ultimately because I did not have prior health problems or heart specific problems, no thought of dissection came until the radiologist found it on a CT scan that was only administered due to my description of back pain and they thought maybe something happened with the epidural. That CT scan was not done until 3 hrs later mind you because there was no rush since I didn’t have heart problems AND the anesthesiologist said “you’re too young for that” when I stated “I feel like I’m having a heart attack.” It’s mind blowing to think about it now. I’m not mad at any one for lack of awareness because it is rare but we obviously need to bring this up to obstetricians and anesthesiologists. How could I go about this mission you think?

  2. I chose not to have children because one of my cousins died on the operating table after her daughter’s birth. I also didn’t want to pass on any diseases to my children.

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