Well, it’s a new year and a chance to start again with a “blank state” and really reach deep down -anddecide if this is going to be the year you really do reach those goals. Are you trying to get a promotion at work? Loose some weight? Get married… Really decide if you are going to live your life and be thankful each and every day. Why do we need this Jan 1st date to try and reinvent ourselves? Why can’t we do it each day? We are so fortunate to have a room over our heads, food on the table and friends/family that care about us. I know that I am so blessed with a great new job that I was able to finally get on 10/20/2008 and really feel that GOD had this planned for me the entire time. It was a job that I really didnt’ even apply for. There’s a tremendous opportunity for growth here… especially with the economy the way it is, many companies will be looking to reduce their  expenses and I feel lucky to have landed with this great company. The potential is tremendous!

Our USTA tennis season is getting ready to start again in Feb-09 and I am going to be the captain of the team again. What’s interested is I actually just got back from playing tennis and completely trounced my buddy who I hadn’t really beat in 5.5 years! It’s been a long road back since my Aortic Dissection. I have continued to play tennis and feel that I am actually a better player now than before the AD. It will be 6 years on 8/22/2009. I have had to go on cholesterol medicine and actually taking some vitamin D supplements as well. My BP still gets high even with all the medication that I am on. I know that if I could get from 210 lbs to 195 lbs that would not only help my BP, but I would be quicker on the court.

I love a great cup of coffee. I have a bizarre coffee ritual. We have a Saeco Vienna Deluxe which I like to make the drink first thing in the am as I just have to press 1 button and I have a cross between drip coffee and a late.  About  9am I then like to have my cappuccino and I will be making my own this year as I am getting a Gaggia Coffee to make myself my drink and save $$$ by not going to Starbucks.  Around the 2-3pm, I like to have a simple cup of drip coffee. I have discovered that Keurig K cup system works really great and usually have one of them. This could be pretty expensive if I bought it all at Starbucks, which is why I make it at home now. I also discovered that drinking coffee in my Bodum glass blown cup makes the coffee/cappuccino stay hotter longer. You should try them.. You will never go back!

I hope that you make 2009 the best year ever. I am hoping to finish in the top 5 in the PNW men’s 45 division this year. I KNOW I can do it! I also am going to make a point to keep more organized this year and use my trusty Franklin Planner to keep me organized.  If you have any questions about an Aortic Dissection, please let me know! You can email me at brian@aorticdissection.com and we’ll get you the answers.

God Bless You!