Well, after playing with my Prince Oversize 107 rackets for 25 years, I have decided to switch.. Or did I? I ordered 3 new Head MicroGel Extreme Pro’s and had leather grips put on them, but never gave them a chance as I was having issues with overheads and forehands. So, after selling my Prince’s on ebay, I ordered 2 more Graphites, strung one, went to the wall, hit a few balls and realized that the HMP really were my new sticks. However, I had already sold them too! So, I had to ask the buyer to listen to my story and I gave him the funds back and have been watching my rackets travel to Arkansas and now are on the way back.

Next problem… I sold my stringer too! Then, I decided to get the new Top of the Line, LaserFibre Quantum. That’s what I ordered last week and was told it would ship out this Friday, 11/7/08. However, that got shipped out yesterday and left my bank account in a negative situation. I contacted the LaserFibre folks and asked them what happened? I also asked for a refund of the shipping charges as it’s the least that they can do for the screw up that they caused me!

Oh.. the game of tennis! 🙂