Famous Soccer Player Dies of AD (Slobo Ilijevski)

I got my AD news today and read this article. Apparently, this “tremendously” talented soccer player died in Bellingham, WA – just an hour away from me. Slobo Ilijevski  died of an aortic dissection and was taken to the near by hospital to try and save him. Unfortunately, it was GOD’S time to call him home. I don’t know this guy from Adam, but I do know that he seem to be in excellent shape and was quite and athlete – and pretty young. This is a tragedy for the family and soccer community. The other major “red light” here should be to take note that if you have a history of Aortic Dissections or Aortic Aneuersym – get yourself checked out. You can run 10 miles a day, eat all the vege’s and fiber till you can’t see straight… but that doesn’t mean that there couldn’t be an enlarged aorta growing inside your body.

I figure I got about 1.5 hours sleep last night. I had to get up at 6:00am for my doubles at 7-8:30am. My daughter’s 13th birthday party was last night. She had 8 of her friends sleep over and they talked to the early morning hours. I kept tossing and turning as I could hear them and my pizza dinner wasn’t sitting too well.  They rented a limo and went to the mall for a fashion thing.

I spent a bit of time yesterday and finally finished today my contrustion project – final section of my “paver” walkway. My hands are killing me from the cement mix and they are so dry that they fell like I need some lotion! Now, I have the entire side of my house, from the side walk all the way back to the back patio done. 


We are having the family get together tomorrow for my daughter’s 13th birthday and that should be fun. I haven’t seen my folks in a whie and my brother either.  We’ll fire up the bbq and crack open a few beers and chat.

Wow.. I am super tired, suddenly the “lack of sleep” and my aching back from playing tennis 3 hours on Thursday, yesterday 1.5 and today 1.5, coupled with the paving project – I’m toast!

Hoping that my new job prospect still is working it’s way through and that I get a call the last week of July (my original planned date) to notify me that I got the job!

Good day!


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