It’s hard sometimes during this “job search” that I just feel like I’m striking out. I must have applied for 10 jobs today and emailed a few of my other recruiters/contacts about prior resume submissions and their status.  It’s easy to have the “woe is me” attitude and think of all the negative things – like my severance dwindling down, my unemployment going to end in a few months. All these “negative” vibes have a tendency to lure over you if you let them.

I am watching pastor John Hage’s message on “Living to Win” and he just made some great points on forgiveness and how it sets you free when you forgive “anyone” that’s every done you wrong.  Also how “leadership” demands constant achievement – don’t settle what you did last week. Keep fresh, keep pleasing GOD.  Oh… Learn to fly, get out of your “comfort zone” and GOD says “FLY” and reach your divine destiny! That message really hits me. Think and Act like a champion – a child of GOD.  What you fear will destroy you is another great point.  I decided to buy the CD’s for myself!

There’s not a day that I don’t think about my “flying” issue and ask myself “Is this the day you’re going to fly”  or “Is this the day, you will overcome your fears and quit being a coward”? It’s a viscous circle that I don’t want to let continue – and why I am trying to face the fear head on. As the Bible clearly states, you should NOT FEAR, rather only FEAR GOD, he’s got your life in the palm of his hands and he’s got the plan already destined for you. A message to me, “Get off the the “Self” horse and let Jesus take the wheel as the song goes!

Speaking of fears, while just searching for something, I came across a great article here. I think it’s interesting in the picture how we all feel like we are the “black” people in the picture and if we’d just face our fears, we’d become the red person (who we know deep down) is the person that we want to become and the person GOD had intended us to be. After all, FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) is just that. It’s all in our heads!