Remembering Dr. DeBakey

Last night we lost perhaps the greatest surgeon that this world has ever seen – at least in our life time. The impact that Dr. DeBakey had on the surgical world – it’s almost impossible to measure the magnitude of his contributions. I know from my own personal experience that my aorticdissection surgery technique stemmed from Dr. DeBakey’s training. The actual surgery that Dr. DeBakey pioneered, he actually underwent himself. He had an aortic anuersym where the aorta actually ruptured and had to have the dacron tubing attached.

In my case, I had the aortic dissection, where the layers of the aortic wall essentially separate and the blood flows back into the heart, where if not fixed in time with open heart surgery, the patients usually dies due to a paricardium tampenade. In either one of these conditions, you need to have the emergency surgery. And the techniques of how to do the surgery go back to the Dr. DeBakey invention of how to do them to begin with. I am so grateful for this GODLY man and great human being. Even though I never met him, his impact on surgeons like Dr. Joseph S. Coselli, have helped save thousands upon thousands of lives.

I am truly thankful for this man! He’s one of the reasons that I am here today as my surgeon, Dr. James Brevig probably learned this technique while he was studying to become a surgeon himself.

Rest in peace – I am sure he is as he was such a great human being.


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