As I am writing this post, my wife and kids are seeing the new “Journey to the Center of the Earth” movie. I decided to stay home and get caught up on some studying – which I didn’t do much of! My daughter is going to be 13 on the 13th of July and OMG… I can’t believe how she’s become such a beautiful young lady. I am so proud of her and I love her so much.

I can remember when she was just a baby! Where has the time gone? Does she really know how much I love her? How much I care for her? How much I thank GOD for her!  I remember her drawings she used to make, here’s some of my favorites surrounding this posting.

We took my son’s Razor scooter back today as the chain kept coming off and returned it. He paid (out of his own pocket) the $50.00 extra to get the Razor electric motorcycle. Of course, he had to have it put together right when we got home. However, it’s got to charge for 18 hours! That’s tough on a 9 year old who wants his toy now!



 He’s got his bike and has other scooters to hold him over. I just had to replace this back tire on his bike as he had been skidding a bit too much and it popped.. Oh.. the joys of being a dad.. priceless!

I ended up playing some outdoors tennis with Curt this morning and we had a great first set, but he fell apart in the second set. Speaking of tennis, I just had ordered the “champions set” from tennis warehouse, which is the same string combination that Federer uses. However, after string my mains with the Luxilon ALU Rough and about half way through the “gut” crosses, the gut looked like it was ready to break. I am thinking that it’s better to buy them as the VS Gut and Luxilon versus the Wilson combined champions tour packaging. I am getting my $29.00 bucks back!

We had a BBQ tonight with my wife’s sisters kids and my mother in law too! It was fun and enjoyed a burger and some hot dogs for the kids and good old fashioned corn and salad. The best thing.. was we had “dilly bars” for dessert!  I love ice-cream. I have been hooked on these “skinny cows” and they are lower in fat that regular ice-cream and are great! I love the cookies n cream, but all the stores sell out of them. Go figure!

I called the Varthon corporation up and asked for the sales manager hoping to get this name. I ended up getting it and sent him an email about the position on Craig’s list that I saw for an “inside sales” position.  I had also left three messages for the recruiter there as well. I want them to know just how hungry I am and how committed I would be to working for them and their great company.

I think that it’s important for potential employers to know something about me and the kind of person that I am. I feel very confident that I am on the verge of landing a new job soon – before the end of the month is my goal still.

I am playing my usual Saturday 0700-0830am doubles and looking forward to that. I realized today that there’s competitive tennis (tournaments) to work on your ranking. Then, in my case, there’s giving something back to the game as well. And that’s playing with others who are rated lower than me, but it’s a blessing for me to be out there to begin with so why can’t I try and help them with their game and just share a few laughs as well? That’s what giving back means to me!

I hope you enjoy some of my daughter’s pictures. I know that I wil always treasure them as they are so near and dear to my heart.

Good night!