Wow.. I’ll bet it’s been 25+ years since I have been to the drive in. The last time I can recall was in high school. We went to see “Wally” and we took the Expedition. It’s amazing how many people were at the drive in last night! The second feature was “Get Smart” and we’d seen it with the exception of my daughter. However, I could not get comfortable in that Expedition and literally never even saw the movie, I just laid between my two kids and tried to sleep – which didn’t happen.

It’s the 4th of July today and I am so thankful for our Indepence!  We are a blessed country and so fortunate to live in the US. That reminds me… I will hang up my new US Flag that I have in the garage – still in it’s package ready to be flying high!

We might go to the Mariners game today for something to do. I am playing tennis at 8:30-10:00am with my friend Joe C. The men’s semi-finals are on today at noon in all time zones and I think the Nadal match will be quick, but really want to see how Safin does against Roger. 

I am bidding on a new racket myself. It’s been 20+ years that I have played with the Original Prince Graphite OS. Granted, they still make it and it’s a great racket – perhaps the best of all time! However, I have a one-handed back hand and am playing more doubles, so the 100 (mid plus) head size will be a down grade from the (107) oversize. Also, the top tennis pros that have one handed back hands, with the exception of Roger, use the Head Microgel Extreme Pro.

I sent the folks at an email asking what were the reasons that I didn’t get the job and/or to provide me with some constructive criticism on what I can improve on. I spoke with my mom yesterday about this and she said to leave it alone – that you’d already sent them the email and not to pesture them. As much as I know she’s right… I am a bit pissed off to put it bluntly that they don’t have the respect to at least follow up.

Happy 4th of July!