It’s about 6:45am and I am sipping my morning coffee and I can hear the sounds of the sprinkler in the front yard through the noise of the fan blowing in the den window. The air feels kind of cool as the rest of the house is 80 degrees!

I am playing tennis at 0800am outside this morning with my friend Curt. My interview is tomorrow and I need to get my hair cut today and do a bit more preparing for the interview.

I listened to the “flight harmonizer cd” again last night before bed and I am really feeling confident that this is going to work. I’ve got to essentially be my own coach and allow the “positive” side (Jesus) run my life and focus on the cross for all that it promises and the protection that it provides.

We still haven’t figured out what we are going to do about the 4th of July yet. Or normal plans of going to my sister in law’s place, it didn’t work this time.

Got an email from a worried aortic customer today who is trying to find a surgeon and I sent off a couple of emails today to my experts to get him help.  His cardiologist mentioned the Cleveland Clinic which is an excellent place. However, there’s quite a few other places that have tremendous surgeons as well.

I can not believe that it’s the last day of June! Wow, summer is flying by really fast.

We got a patio set yesterday from Fred Meyer and had dinner out on it last night. I am thinking that I will try to find an umbrella for it today. I was also thinking of one of those little portable fire kits – but… I am not sure if they are that great and how much usage it would get?

Have a great day! Be thankful for EVERYTHING that GOD has blessed you with.