I wanted to say that I am so thankful for Captain Ron and his assistant, Barbara for setting up this conference call with Brook as well. It was a great positive experience for me and I truly appreciate it. I am feeling more confident each day. Check them out at http://www.Fearless-Flight.com and get help.

I played tennis this morning and it’s supposed to be 90 degrees today here in Everett, WA. Wow, that’s hot and it’s already 11:00am and I am sweating just writing this post up in my den area.

I am getting ready for my interview on Tuesday and can’t wait to start there. (Thinking positive that they are going to like me and hire me). I have a 90 day trial period in that I don’t get benefits.

I am meeting with an “at home” nurse from Met-Life to try and apply for a 250K Life insurance policy. I have a few tests that they have to run as well as gather my medical records.

We had a BBQ last night at our neighbors and we had some wine. My friend makes the win in his garage. Check out, http://www.furiouncellars.com and see his wines. They are great!


Oh.. I got my other site, http://www.briantinsley.com working, but have a lot more to do there!