I played tennis with my friend George Haughn. He beat me 6-4-7-5 today. I served like crap and was a bit tired, I had 2 beers yesterday at dinner! Light weight!  And, we played at 0700am versus our usual 05:15am start time. Oh yah… I didn’t sleep that well either.  Ok..enough excuses!

I got the Webinar from the fearlessflying.com site and started listening/watching the presentation. It’s about 2.5 hours and I got through the first 30 minutes. I am really believing that this will be the final step. I am possibly going to be speaking with Ron Neilsen and another fellow student who sounds a lot like me and was able to overcome his fear and get on a plane.

I received my interview schedule for my postion of Client Services Manager at Strata8.com and I hope that everything goes well. I am looking forward to the opportunity to really make a difference there!

I still have some other irons in the fire, but nothing as hot as this prospect. They are in Bellevue, WA and it would not be that bad of a commute for me.

I screwed around with some other Word Press theme today and finally got it to work, but decided that it’s too much work and I really think this one works just fine and I am sticking with it.

I sold my Total Gym today and my ladder to the same guy. As much as I had wanted to keep the Total Gym, it as too big for the garage and the kids all got on it and abused it. So, it’s down the road and I am trying to obtain my VisionQuest HRT 3600 bike again. That’s what I really need! I have weights at the club, a ton of them and the exercise bike would be great and my wife liked the last one that I had too! There’s a guy in San Diego that has one and I am trying to figure out how to ship it up here relatively cheap.

Good night!