I am getting really tired of sending out my resume for a new job! I am hoping that I can land something very soon. I might have to actually go on unemployment for a while. I just emailed the recruiter from Sonosite that I wanted to get some “insight” as to how I can possibly secure a “face to face” interview at least.

Seems like some of the recruiters are pretty nice and others won’t give you the time of day! I am glad for this venue to be able to express my feelings about what is going on in my life. It’s very stressful these last few weeks and I am really hoping to get some “stability” back in my wife very soon!

My son’s last Lacrosse game is Saturday up in Stanwood. The season wasn’t that long, I am now kind of wishing he’d played baseball as they are still going. Maybe he could join that team?

I am hoping that I find a car soon! I am driving this Kia Rio, which I got from Hertz Rental Car today and it’s actually pretty peppy for a tiny car. I was able to get my Honda sold last night and spoke with the new owner today as he went to change the title and ran into a hitch. So, I had to call the guy that I bought it from to have him get a “bill of sale” from the lady he bought it from and fax it to the new owner that I sold it to. All these transactions happened over a 5 day period.

I was also looking at the new Toyota Yaris, but that’s 15-18K I bet! I kind of wish (in retrospect) I had kept that Honda, it was soooooooo clean and a one owner vehicle. So, it was Gold in color with a Brown interior, but… I could have lived with it as it only had 109,510 original miles on it!

Bye for now!