It’s a beautiful sunny day here in Everett, WA!  I am watching the Sea-hawks and the Redskins game and decided to write a bit. I have just finished publishing my […]

Personal Stories: Mike O’Connor Knox Michael O’ Connor/Knox, my fiance of 13 years, was diagnosed with a Type B Descending Aortic Dissection 2 years ago on August 3, 2006. He […]

Personal Stories: Janel Denny In the Spring of 2001,I had an Aortic dissection at the age of 47 (same thing that the actor John Ritter died of) , It seemed like […]

Personal Stories: Roger Davis by Jacqueline (his wife) Hi Brian, My husband, was diagnosed with Aortic Dissection on September 4, 2007. He was actually sent home with a diagnosis of […]

Personal Stories: Mike Morgan My husband had an acute type A aortic dissection on 6/25 of this year.  I have been reading other people’s descriptions of how their dissections occurred […]

Personal Stories: Vickie Swing � I am a 57 yr old female that has never had any heart or blood pressure problems. On 9/24/08 I awoke with the most severe […]

Personal Stories: ElaineWolfe Thursday, January 17, 2008, a typical cold winters evening in Michigan. I had just finished watching two of my favorite shows, “Survivor” and “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Suddenly […]

Personal Stories: David Emmitt They tell me I am not supposed to be here. On Oct 8, 2008 I woke up to what I thought was going to be a […]

Personal Stories: Eric Sonnie � Hi all my name is Eric, Its been 10 months since my surgery….cant believe its been that long I feel normal except for the 12 […]

Personal Stories: Loretta Young Dear Brian,   I’m sure that you can relate to the relief I felt, when I was referred to your website! My only problem is, I […]

Personal Stories: Tony Penland My name is Tony Penland I am 35 years old, on September 11th of this year{08} I was taken to Duke University Hospital, thinking maybe I […]

It’s been a few weeks since my last post. I have been busy with kids school, soccer and playing tennis. Also, I have been praying for a job to finally […]

Personal Stories: JH Rodriquez (Eric) My name is Eric Rodriguez, I am Latin American, I am  48 yrs, born in the Caribbean Island of Puerto Rico. I am also, or […]