Personal Stories: Stephanie Gonzalez

My name is Stephanie and I had an aortic dissection on Christmas Day 2005. On Christmas Eve I had stabbing pain in my back that went to my chest and up to my jaw.

I waited an hour or so then the pain became to much and I went to the emergency room. The hospital did an ekg and found nothing wrong and put me back in the waiting room. I waited for the x ray and it was actually the lady that did the x ray that brought it to light with the doctors.

She called the doctor to look at the x ray and then everyone was rushing everywhere to get blood work and cat scans done. Within 30 minutes I was life flighted to another hospital that specialized in my sititution. At the other hospital I was put in ICU and the doctors explained that I had an aortic dissection type A and B.

They said they had to fix the type A first because it was life threatening and could rupture anytime. I was out of my mind I didn’t know what to think I had never had any heart problems except a heart mummer when I was born. So on Christmas Day I went threw a 6 hour open heart surgery.

I spent 3 days in ICU and a week and a half in the hospital needless to say the hospital bill is unimaginable. Now I am scheduled to go back to fix the descending sometime at the end of February. I have been told that I am lucky because I could of just died without no warning and now I am involved in a research because they found out I have Loeys-Dietz syndrome it is something related to Marfans.

I know those are probly something many have never heard of including myself until I was diagnosed with it. Thank you for letting me share my story with you and for taking the time to read it.

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