Personal Stories: Paul Oberle

Brian, you may have already received a message similar to this one, but since I wasn’t sure it went I decided to write again.

I suffered a descending aortic dissection on March 20 extending from my subclavial artery to the bifurcation. Subsequent to that other complications include, loss of my right kidney due to lack of blood flow and a bleed in my basal ganglia resulting in a minor stroke (if there is such a thing).

The stroke was caused by drugs to reduce my blood pressure, that reduced my heart rate to below 40 bpm. I feel pretty much recovered from the stroke. I’m very weak and most anything exhausts me. For example, just taking a shower.

My questions are:

What’s the mortality over 5 years? How all this is going to end? I feel I’m screwed although it seems odd to say, my health otherwise is good. I’m 65, never smoked, run all my life. My Doctor told me that if my dissection blows it won’t matter where I am any way, thus he’s allowing me to take a short motor home trip next week.

Thanks for the website. Paul Oberle

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Update: 9/1/2004

At the time of my Dissection, the CT scan showed a mass in my abdomen. We have not been able to do a Biopsy until today. It showed I do not have the big CASINO. Rejoice with me. PO sr.

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